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For years, Biohome Filter Media has been THE filter material used in Asia. Countries such as England, the United States, and Australia are also rapidly discovering the benefits of this unsurpassed product. The unique filter material is suitable for almost all common aquarium and (koi)pond filters.

English translation in progress

We are working hard to finish the English translation of our website. At this moment not all pages are translated yet but we are doing our very best to translate everything as soon as possible.

What is so special about Biohome?

Due to its unique structure and composition Biohome Filter Media supports aerobic and anaerobic bacteria. Aerobic bacteria process ammonia and nitrite, while anaerobic bacteria process nitrate. This greatly reduces the amount of water which needs to be changed and creates very healthy living conditions for underwater life.

Normal filter media supports very little to no anaerobic bacteria, which tends to produce large amounts of nitrate. That is why external filters are often called ‘nitrate factories’. This causes unhealthy water conditions and a need for large regular water changes.